How To Decorate A Bedroom With Grey Walls

How To Decorate A Bedroom With Grey Walls

After giving you some tips on how to decorate a bedroom with black walls, we decided to continue on the same theme but by approaching a different color. Gray is a color that is usually associated with black (and white) so we’ll continue with this one.

Grey is a color that, is used excessively, can result is a depressing, cold décor. It’s why it’s not very popular. However, it starts to gain votes thanks to its modern appearance.Grey is also a color that is particularly suitable for bedrooms. That’s because it’s neutral and soothing. Most often, it’s used for accent walls. However, it can also be used to complement a black accent wall and to ease the transition towards white.

A darker shade of grey would be more suitable for an accent wall. In the bedroom, it’s usually the wall against which the headboard rests that is painted in a color different than the other walls. If you choose grey, then you can opt for white for the bedding and even the bed itself. Also, to brighten the atmosphere, you can hand a mirror on two on the same wall.

Several shades of grey can also be successfully used in the bedroom. If your accent wall is pale grey then you can use a darker shade for the pillows or for the bedding. But try to also combine it with brighter colors such as bleu ciel which is close to grey.

In a bedroom where all the walls are grey, a bold color needs to be introduced. It’s easy to do that by opting for colorful bedding or cushions. You can also use colorful wall decorations for the same purpose.

Of course, you can use grey for more than the walls. Use it for the bedding as well, although it should also have a contrast color. As for the furniture, white would be a nice color. The resulting décor will be soothing and calming.


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